Warm welcome in the womb of True Midwifery!


A 7 night retreat that takes you on a journey of True Midwifery! 

A Journey of True Midwifery - Early Bird Pricing

A Journey of True Midwifery - Early Bird Pricing


For 7 days you are invited to Southern Portugal (near Odemira) to come to learn, share and take time for yourself as birth keepers to reflect on your journey and our roles to keep on reviving the sacred haven of birth.


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On request we may be able to offer you the ability to pay for the booking in instalments in accordance with a Payment Plan.

Please note that the Payment Plan option may not be available for all products and services.

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If a Payment Plan is available for a booking and you select to pay for the booking through the Payment Plan, you acknowledge and agree that:

You must enter valid payment card details;

We will store your payment card details and will automatically deduct the relevant payment instalment from your card on each instalment date;

It is your responsibility to ensure that the payment card details remain valid and up to date.  You will have the opportunity to change your payment card details through your account, but you must do this before payment of the next instalment becomes due.

Failed Payments

If a Payment Plan has been setup, we will automatically take payment of the instalment on each payment date within the Payment Plan. It is your responsibility to ensure payments do not fail, but notwithstanding this obligation if a payment attempt fails for whatever reason (e.g. card has expired, is no longer valid, insufficient funds or card is declined by the bank), then we will:

Give you notice of the failed payment attempt advising you that we will try to take payment again in 7 days, giving you the opportunity to correct the situation;

If the payment attempt fails again, we will send you a second failed payment notice and repeat the process at paragraph

(a);If the payment attempt fails for a third time, we may at our discretion cancel the booking by giving you written notice.

Please note, upon cancellation of the booking due to your failure to keep up with the Payment Plan, your order will be cancelled and you will lose your deposit as well as any previous instalments that you have paid.

Changing Payment Card Details

If your payment card has expired or no longer valid (e.g. because you have changed banks), you can change the details of your registered payment card through your account.

Early Payment of Balance

If you elect to pay using the Payment Plan, you may not be able to pay for your booking in different instalments, including early payment of the full balance.  

In some situations, it may be possible for us to take full payment of the balance, but this will have to be assessed by us on a case by case basis, so please contact customer services.

Cancelling a Booking

Our Cancellation Policy applies to any cancellation by the Customer of a booking, including where paid for using the Payment Plan. 

Please note, if at WellMama World's discretion, cancellation is accepted, you may lose your deposit as well as any previous instalments that you have paid through the Payment Plan.

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