I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport

Fly into I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport which is the main airport in Bali and be picked up by your private driver which takes all the hassle and stress from arriving into the airport.


Once arriving at the resort, you will be welcomed by the WellMama retreat concierge and accommodation staff who will get you settled in quickly for a much needed rest.

Check in to our amazing resort called Desa Seni, a eco village resort that brings an aura of calm and peace to you the moment you arrive.



Desa Seni Pool

Get some much needed rest after your flight and enjoy some pool time and maybesome additional SPA treatments to fresh and ready for the retreat start.

If you're feeling fresh and keen to explore the area, maybe take in a Seminyak Beach sunset whilst sipping on a cocktail at one of the many beach clubs that Bali has to offer.

Settle in, ask our in house Concierge team anything and allow them get what you need.The retreat staff will also be on hand to answer any questions regarding the week ahead.


Introductions - who are we and what brings us here? What are we most grateful for in our lives at this moment? Our circles will help families to gather knowledge and wisdom, share stories, ponder options and experience supportive practices.

During the afternoon, we will be blessed with a Balinese Welcome Cleansing Ceremony which is a spiritual cleansing to get rid of negativity and find balance and harmony in your body, gain more clarity in the direction you want to go in life.

Mandala holds our centre of intent for our time together, representing family, community and cultural circle of support.. We will create and open in our first days together, tend during the week, and complete over our last days, gathering seeds of our harvest of belonging to carry home in our hearts.


Spa Treatments

A chance to select a range of treatments such as spa treatments included in your stay at the amazing on site Spa facilities.

A special seminar from a local healer, Pak Nyoman, to present on Balinese modalities and Aura Chakra Cleansing.

Cacao ceremonies are one of the oldest shamnic healing practices of the indidenous cultures in the world. We will come together in a circle, guided by Samara and Alex, to experience a heart opening time of oneness, love and healing, through movement or dance. It is a time where blocks are released, tuning in to your highest self.


Aum Rudraksha

The family get the chance to come together in the morning and make their own Mala beads that is a sacred tool to manifesting a fulfilling meditation practice .

The whole family get an afternoon of adventure with a trip to the go karting track followed by some surfing, Bali style, with professional instructors on hand to guide you and get you standing up and riding your first wave!

Date night! That’s right, a special night just for you and your loved one to enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars. Have a lovely meal together and share a magical moment of reconnection and loving conversation.


We will come together in a circle for a fun, informal session where we will be guided on how to use various massage techniques for babies. There will be shared conversations, some mingling and a wonderful chance to learn a thing or two about relaxation for our little ones.

During this tour you will get to admire the sunset over the sea at Tanah Lot Temple and soak up the magic of one of Bali’s beloved UNESCO World Heritage Listed Sites. Stroll around the temple grounds, learn about Balinese culture, and visit authentic local markets for this wonderful experience and if you choose receive a holy water blessing.

We will take you to experience a well-known Indonesian restaurant and get to try all the local delights!


Somatic movement is awareness or presence during movement, and being connected in your body. We will introduce you to exercises involve performing movement for the sake of movement. Throughout the exercise, you focus on your inner experience as you move and expand.

The afternoon will be 'Closing of the Bones' ceremony for the mothers although the fathers are of course welcome to be present during this intimate ritual that helps to energetically close the womb and the channel that birth opens.

The evening is focused towards the fathers to talk openly about their own journey becoming a father and help create a bond of community and safe space with others to help with their future journey.


Shiatsu and massage offer a powerful combination of nurturing touch, breathing/visualisations, exercise and postural awareness. This nurturing touch can ease physical and emotional dis-ease and help us become more aware of our body, which is especially powerful for a pregnant woman and her baby. Soul Shiatsu as healing touch, offers powerful tools for connecting women, their partners and their babies.

The Ties that Bind ceremony, is a loving family blessing that is a great addition to a family vow renewal. It is a moment that your children, friends, and family will remember always. The symbolism of the Ties that Bind ceremony lies in the belief that children are woven forever into the fabric of a family. As a family, a couple and their children are stronger than any one of them could be as a lone individual.

This is definitely one of the highlights when visiting this amazing island of the gods, an unforgettable sunset not to be missed. Spend this time indulging in a delicious Indonesian BBQ while mingling with new found friends. It’ll be the perfect end to a wonderful retreat, a memory to cherish forever.


Desa Seni Pool

The closing family circle will seed the progress we have made as an individual, partner and parent as well as a group member of this amazing 9 night retreat and families will leave with a strong community support of other families they have made bonds with on this journey.

We hope you had a wonderful time with us. After bidding farewells, you’ll check out and await your transport to the next destination. Safe travels and see you again soon!

We will whisk you away to the airport whenever your flight is due. We always need to leave around 4 hours pre departure to be on the afe


In addition, the retreat will allow times of personal practice from starting your mornings peacefully with a quiet and gentle healing yoga, flow with Qigong or sweat it out with a HIIT workout, such as boxing fitness, all with your wellbeing in mind.